International Projects

International Projects by Uniting people 

 Installation uniblocksystem.

 DICTUC - Universidad Católica de Chile

Participation in public projects

Monte Video, Uruguay

Project Name:

Project Value:Undetermined

Participation in public projects

Commune of Recoleta Santiago de Chile.

Project Name: Social Justice.

Project Value: 37,000 UF / 1,650,000 USD

Participation in public projects

Commune of Independence, Santiago de Chile.

Project Name: Laboratorios Hospital San jose

Project Value: Undetermined

Projects house innovation Marseille, France

Modular houses construction project.

Project Value: Undetermined

Latin American Project

Improvement in the definitive and dignified housing quality for Latin American people.

Project Name: Reykjavik

Project Value: Undetermined.

Uniting people international  now in Bolivia.

Uniblocksystem is now Available in the United States we are approved by the Department of Construction of the community of Modesto state of California.

Check via email for approvals in the rest of the United States.